WTB Motor Mounts to work with pneumatics

I’m getting a set of printed 6" pneumatics and I’m not sure that my enertion style motor mounts will be long enough so I’m open to suggestions. What is everyone on the forum going with recently? I’d like to get them fairly quickly (next week or two). Thanks for the heads up. Also have a ton of stuff to trade. Open to all offers.

Posting a pic of the hubs and your location might help.

I am using my Street Wing mounts in my current 6 inch pneumatic build, very pleased with the results.

60T pulley and 6x2 pneumatics:


That mount gives me anxiety… I’m sure it works but in my head I see it sliding and moving (I’m sure it doesn’t tho)

The former user used torqueboards v3 mounts and had sufficient space.

lol, it’s rock solid, haven’t had any issues myself or reports of issues from customers

I figured as much… just doesn’t sit right in my head haha, hey what are these called? There’s a guy in Barcelona looking for caliber mounts in another post

I just call em Street Wing motor mounts - would love suggestions for a better name :slight_smile:

Just posted ur link on the other post and idk I’m not much for names lol

U need to know what pulley size also. Going with evolve wheels u might find difficulties and what trucks

I’ve got TB218s so caliber style

Don’t go evolve wheels… the 64t pulley is huge… and I dlers won’t work I don’t think. I had to shave the trucks as well…

I don’t plan to. I purchased a set of printed pneumatics 6" similar dimensions to six shooters i believe

Ya I should have done that. It was a tough lesson

awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

those mounts are the result of me trying loads of different mounts all of which had issues which these mounts solve