WTB: motorshaft keyway KEY

got a motor online but it didnt come with a key for the shaft. Anyone got one laying around? I know i can buy a foot of 3x3mm square rod off mcmaster for like $6 but I dont feel like doing any cutting work if i dont have to (just being lazy) maytech 6355 motor if thats needed

lemme know and thanks

Diy electric has them. Or you could grind up a stainless screw or metal rod from the hardware store

I had to file mine from DIY electric. They almost fit.

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Cutting that with a butter knife is a minute lol is it worth waiting a keyway if you can get it in an hour

good one…i didnt see that while on their site… i gotta order some trucks anyways, maybe a vesc as well…

I’ve got a bunch at the shop if you wanna swing by

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thx for the offer… since its only a buck Ill probably just sdd to order and have shipped to door =)

off topic tho…does anyone know if this nano receiver would work with meepo style remotes since theyre about the same layout…or should I start a new thread? thx


I have a key sanded to fit TB 6355 motor if u want