WTB: Non-Working and Working Single & Dual ESCs/VESCs 36-48V [US] [SCOTTSDALE, AZ]

Looking to buy some ESCs, working or non working, preferably hub motor versions. If non-working, would prefer it hasn’t been tinkered with so I can salvage parts. I have a bunch of enclosure designs I’m fiddling with so want to test out different layouts, boards etc so I need multiple.

What I had in mind was the Chinese ESCs (HobbySky?) that a lot of the mass market boards use or something similar. Let me know what you have and a price. Feel free to DM me with pictures as well. Thanks!

i have a castle mamba Xl 2 esc, perfectly working just not using it, getting rid of it for $20 and a fvt esc for $60

Thanks for the offer. Looking for ESCs geared more toward eskate.

they are…

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