WTB or rent boss level welder UK

As it says, I am in need of a boss level welder ASAP. My batteries arrive in an hour I’ve got most other bits. I want to avoid the long wait for postage from Korea…


I’m really happy with the malectrics one, and its from EU at least…

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I might be able to lend you one for a week

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That would be awesome… I’d be very happy to pay for the privilege and put up a deposit…

@newby has a sunkko that he can rent

Where are you located

Semi boss level welder yeah. I’m halfway to getting a refund on it though so don’t hold out

How come you are getting a refund on it

The charger popped like fireworks when nothing was plugged in

I’m Oswestry, Shropshire… UK. Get around quite a bit though!

I’m in Peterborough willing to drive a little while for petrol

let me know if you dont menage to find any.