Wtb raptor 1 battery

I’m interested in getting a non working raptor 1 battery. Retaining its form factor, bms and switch but utilising different cells. I’m in Australia if anyone has something they want to sell. Thank you

@bigben was selling one I think

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I had one. @BigBrit is going to be taking it in though. He may not want any of the battery or gubbins? What is the thought process behind wanting to retain the raptor battery though? I have another bms from the raptor 1, no idea if it is working and has no switch or anything else. If you wanted a modern version of the battery but with reliable cells and a good bms perhaps @TinnieSinker could help you out? Thanks @Halbj613 for the shout out.

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Maybe I could do just that… would you sell me this unknown bms?

I predict enertion to be ingrained in the history of esk8 folklore and it would be cool to have a raptor 1 with foxboxes a nano x and I’ve got most of the bits just no battery for it. I’ve got a raptor 2 battery with no bms so maybe that can donate 30 of its cells

The BMS i can stick in an envelope and send to you for the cost of postage. It’ll need checking over. I can’t vouch for it’s wellbeing!

Pm me, I can sell it to you, hasn’t been used much either