WTB: red/black Abec 107's, Etoxx Bull bar, motors

Hi guys,

As the title states, looking for some odds and ends for multiple builds.

Need some abec’s, would prefer 107’s but 90’s or 97’s would be fine/ok just want them in red or black. would reallllly prefer metroboard red’s. Don’t want any green’s. Pinks are cool too but they’re super rare/expensive/annoying to mount.

Also looking for a raw silver etoxx bull bar

now motors, I’ve got a couple sets so I’m thinking about moving a few of them around between boards so I’m either interested in: 2 Big ol’ TQ boards 6380 170kv’s Or something like 2 6355 170kv - 200kv or even something like a 6365 in 170kv - 200kv

Basically I want some 170kv - 200kv “smaller” motors, OR the tq boards 6380’s, or 6380+ but those 100% need to be 170kv.

Also want some Trampa Gummies, I’m not interested in blue, just red or black there too.

I’m assuming I’ll need to buy motors new but if you’ve got a bull bar or abecs you want to part with I’m your guy.

@anon64938381 is selling 107mm abec wheels I think.

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Im selling 107mm abec superflys in black.

Pm’d ya thanks

hey m8, i have the metroboard 97’s in purple if you’re interested?

Go for the purples, I want the 107s…

Since when is there purple 97mm by metroboard?


Still have one 6380 left if you are interested.

idk but I’ve got em. I’ll take pics after work

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PM’d you too!

Show them to me

Screenshot_20190509-113244_Facebook shit photo bc i forgot to take one but this is the idea

Looks red to me lol


yeah its close but it’s like A maroony pink

Are those Abec 11’s or clones? Also you sure they aren’t 83’s? If abec 11 and 97’s, I’m interested. That is if OP isn’t buying them. Sorry to hijack. :grimacing:


i gotta take a pic closer. gimme to this arvo

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They are the transparent red metroboard wheels, not purple and not clones

Also they only come at 83mm


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unless they’re fake but they really don’t feel it

In the site they only offer is what I really meant but I freaking want those!!! Why do you have to be in Australia😤