WTB Remote and receiver

Looking to buy a decent remote. Due to my location (down under) basically every remote is super expensive. Even buying local through Enertion is gonna be like $150. I was going to buy the Benchwheel remote but its sold out everywhere. I know that the GT2b is really cheap so if someone has one with one of the smaller custom enclosures that would be awesome

Where are you based in aus? I have a nano from tb that I’m not using atm


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Geelong, aka Melbourne, are you looking to sell or just borrow?

I’m in brissy but I’m sure shipping such a small thing won’t be too silly. When I said atm I meant that this state of affairs changes daily What I’m not using atm can easily become new build so take it off me quickly.


Had it my board for a day and realised I don’t like it. I prefer longer throttle travel remote like the maytech but they are pricey. Its essentially the same unit as the enertion and its yours for 50 bucks plus shipping. edit pm me

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Well I’m still considering my options, but I’ll probably get it off you after payday tomorrow night if you still don’t want it

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Too late I’m building something… TBH its more of a pain to pack it up and sell it than keep it so it’ll be here. you’re all good just let me know.

The Benchwheel site has them.


You fucking legend. I didn’t even think to check their actual site hahahaha. Definitely going with this


Lol, I appreciate it.


the gt2b is cheap as chips and then get the badwolf mod on 3dhubs and that’s like another 40ish

I didn’t even know they have a website lol

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I usually get mine from @oriol360 at MEB but last I checked he was out.

I too was hunting down a benchwheel for a freggin month before I checked their damn site. Why are we so dumb?


This is where I usually get them… https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/handheld-electric-remote

You guys can message @oriol360 and see when he will have stock.

They any good?

The Benchwheel remote? It’s my go to, Maytech be being 2nd.

I shall order one right now sir. Do love an option.

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