WTB Remote Control

As the title states. Preferably either an aps remote, Benchwheel or mini remote


I know it is still pricey, but it is the best I have used to date and at a reduced group buy price that literally began today for a limited time.

Get that shit engraved!


If you use Mini Remote you can use multiple receivers. Which allows you to make both drivetrains independent along with cool stuff like brakelights on your helmet.

I don’t have that much money sadly.

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Well I’m using mini drive anyways but yeah. I’m just looking for a remote

I have a new NanoX, but it will cost more than a Mini Remote from aliexpress. But that will take a month or more to get to you. What’s more important: time, money, quality, or stealth/pocketability?

time: buy Mini Remote from USA vendors on this forum or USA NanoX (I have one) money: buy Mini from alibaba quality: Hoyt puck remote stealth/pocketability: benchwheel


I’m just looking for either a mini remote Benchwheel or aps remote. Nothing more.

I have an extra mini remote I can sell. I think I got it for 35 bucks. Attach some shipping and it’s yours. I can take pictures later tonight when I get home.

can i see some pics @Jreamer


Sorry it took so long here it is.

Already got one but thanks for the offer

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Cool beans