WTB remote+reciever

Preferable the remote from this thread: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/simple-3d-printed-nrf-remote-arduino-controlled/28543/474


Or any other thumbwheel remote. Thanks


I heard those are unreliable

This is a V2 so they are more or less reliable (not the best remote ever but one of the best thumbwheel remotes). It’s internals are the same as of the Nano-x. Only issue is you have to calibrate it before you ride: push the wheel fully forwards and backwards and you are good to go! Otherwise go with a Benchwheel remote)

Damn i really wanted that firefly arduino remote

Look into the new Maytech remote. http://www.michobby.com/product/maytech-new-2-4ghz-wireless-remote-controller-with-receiver-for-electric-skateboard-longboard/

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Have that currently. Having disconnection issues with it

Ohh I’m sure it’ll be a good remote it’s just not fully tested/completed yet so if you would like to be one of the BETA testers you can order the parts and assemble it)

Im also down to buy a modded GT2B

I am almost certain the v2 of the winning remote is more reliable. Do a quick search on here. There is some info for sure. Also the new maytech is thumb controlled. Does this interest you? https://psychotiller.com/product/new-thumb-remotereceiver The nano-x from Enertion has been good for me as well.

I already have the v2 maytech remote. Giving me disconnection issues

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$60 for a benchwheel, no thanks! Thanks for the suggestion, tho

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I have a nano v2 (a few actually) . its been as good as the mini remote.

one spare here in LA too

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PM me plz :wink: