WTB - Shaved MBS Wheels or Abec 11 107s

Hey guys, I also have this in the Wanted section but I know this sub gets more eyes so trying here. - Looking for Shaved MBS wheels any color or Abec 107s prefer 74a but let’s see. I have paypal ready. Let me know.

You can shave them yourself. Just do it the @Kaly way :wink:

Can you link me? Lol if there’s a semi easy way I don’t mind going for it.

Why would you want shaved wheels?

More traction since the MBS wheels are convex

Then why would you buy them in the first place?

Cause they’re big

I want taller wheels than the 97mm and they also have a wider contact patch. But I just realized that after you shave them they are smaller by 2mm according to Kaly. So I guess superflys it is.

I have a set of the older 74a (orange hubs sry) they are new but you might need to lathe them down. Is the whole point is you don’t want to modify them ? In that case sounds like waiting for the superflys will work.

PMed You******

Responded, shoot me a PayPal you’ll be riding them by next Friday *assuming you lathe them or have a working setup already