WTB some 10s2p pack

Broke my battery pack a while ago and board was left collecting dust over the winter. Now it’s getting warmer and I need to revive it. Preferably meepo/ownboard/wowgo pack or similar in shape.

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Have you seen that Meepo sell the packs online? They do the high discharge sanyo 20700 too. Reasonable prices too.

Yes. But I feel like they’re a bit overpriced. 20 cells of sanyo 20700B costs around $150. So bms + labor + shipping from China adds another $100. That’s more than half the price. I think it could be cheaper.

$100 to have a new battery made is pretty good in my book. You could get a 2nd hand one though so here’s another bump!


where are you from?

I have two old meepo batteries for cheap. they are really not good cells, but good enough for chinese esc. or I could replace cells with samsung 30Q, so you will basically get new battery with old bms.

I’m in Utah. What type of cells in those packs?

they are samsung 22P, or something similar.

but I am in Europe, shipping won’t be cheap.

Okay then. Unlucky :frowning:

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I just bought one from the meepo site for 130 free shipping.

Those prices are pretty competitive. I make packs and my prices are not far off from meepo. I can make a 10s3p of samsung 30q’s 9ah 60amp+bms for $280 including shipping to u.s.

Ride1up has 10s3p Samsung 25r on “sale” for $175 (U.S.only). 60 amp bms at least I think that’s what it is.

yea saw that on reddit too. Wondering if it fits my enclosure. No dimensions given

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