WTB someone to repair/rewind Hummie Hubs

I have an old pair of purple Hummie Hubs that I was told are 200kv. One of the motors is burned out and the other seems unhealthy as well. They’re in great condition otherwise and I loved them when they ran. I definitely don’t need the speed that cane with the 200kv using a 10s3p pack (40mph). I would ideally like to have them rewound to a lower kv rating to be more appropriate for torque and top speed. Anyone interested?

Hubs at 200kv? I think not…

I hit 35+ with 10s3p and dual vescs and they still had some left. They were honestly scary top end power wise, however they heated up faster (especially up hills) and lacked the low end torque. I wish there was a way I could confirm their identity… @Hummie ?

you can wind hubs to any KV you want. All you need is the formula and a little patience and dexterity.

That’s not an offer, i don’t have time to wind motors. I have a bin of them already i haven’t been able to rewind.


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why dont just buy a new one? repair more expensive

I had some 200kv hubs from Hummie to use on 6s. They heated up too fast with my bulk though. Still very quick. If I remember there was a sticker perhaps under the thane saying 200kv.

I actually did buy another pair from a forum member today. I love those hubs.

I’m not sure that’s accurate… especially when the motor in question is no longer available.

I wonder if I could find an industrial electric motor repair shop to do it? Hmmm

I sell a lot of hub motors on ebay, I never saw a 200KV one…

Well I haven’t seen a unicorn or a leprechaun, but I’m still keeping my hopes up.

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I’m sure you didn’t. For a while there Hummie was winding his own motors. And like i said… you can wind them to any KV you like.

I don’t mean you can order any KV you like. Factories don’t cater to that kind of model. They’re only going to produce in quantity.

I mean you can wind them to any KV you like with your own ten digits.

I mean, for electric skate board. normally use 70KV hub motors. normal 83mm hub motor can up to 35km/h. 90mm hub motor can arround 40km/h. and the VESC setting can get more fast. so, I can’t imaging what will like if 200KV

very fast. And almost no low end torque. Much like the NGV build i’m working on now.

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That make sense! I suppose this is a very old product. they dont produce something like this now…

How much are you asking for them?

@Dornacht you want to buy them?

I’m also wondering now if it was just the plastic surrounding the windings that got hot and melted, therefor restricting the motors from spinning correctly…I’d love to just throw them in an oven and try to melt the wiring cover off?

Well who wants low end torque anyways . Even those f1 cars gotta get pushed out of the pit right haha

LOL i suppose it could be looked at that way.

I prefer more muscle.

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agree, there’s little chance of driving very fast, more than 40km/h would be very danger for skateboard…