WTB ! TB218 trucks, D40 12s BMS , Florida Area

Looking to purchase a set of

  1. TB218
  2. 12sBMs D4O
  3. Nickel 10FT

while on business in Florida. Purchasing directly from TorqueBoards is a no go, due to 3-6 days shipping.

I live in grand cayman, and I will only be in Florida I from 25-28. Thanks much.

Talk to LHB he may be able to help since he is in Florida

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honestly if you order from TB i would think it will be there on time for you. Dexter has always been good with shipping in the past. Takes 3 days to ship from him (TX) to me (NY) :man_shrugging:

Good luck finding the nickel though… be sure to test it (preferably before you buy it?)

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Yea, Dexter is very helpful. However in this instances he recommended not to proceed. I did buy other stuff that will be shipped to a different location.

Thanks for the suggestion though. Much appreciated

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