WTB teamgee H9 hub / Any teamgee crew on this forum?

Hi guys,

One of my H9 hub is broken and i’ll try to buy one via teamgee but the H9 hub is not on sale on their website and nobody from teamgee answer my messages. I send them dozens of messages via mail, instagram, facebook from more than one month and no one was answered. So if somebody want to sell one H9 hub, i’m on the market. By the way, if i can’t find an original one, i will go by the DIY route trying to adapt some meepo hubs…

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It’s near impossible to get one off here, I haven’t heard 1 person on this forum ever talk about teamgee. I personally have had a teamgee and I believe the meepo hubs will work

Try calling this number iv gotten through to them this way! +1 (508) 591-5151

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@teamgee_official are you here ?

Sorry for late reply

Forget it @teamgee_official , it’s been a while since in moved from your crappy company without any customer service :slight_smile:

Sheesh :joy::joy:

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