WTB Torqueboards 218mm trucks

Just want some tb 218mm trucks, doesn’t matter if its used. Want to try to mount some 6374s just to try it out. Shipping takes way too long and kinda don’t want to spend 75 bucks on a pair of trucks that I just want to try out

(Seller preferably near NYC)

They where on sale last time I looked.

They’re 65 bucks now :frowning: and Id have to pay again for shipping, ordered a 6374 a while ago but I dont expect them to come soon, they’re probably bombarded with orders.

If they haven’t shipped your motors yet, you can probably contact them and have them add the trucks on to your order. You could send Dexter ( Torqueboards ) a pm and see if he can hook you up. He’s a really cool guy and has been very helpful to me in times past.

Might be difficult to find any used for sale. I have a set on one of my boards and I love the feel of the wide track.


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@mmaner are we just teasing @ARetardedPillow now? :yum:

@ARetardedPillow I’ve got a truck ground to fit regular caliber mount I could part with…I think you saw it

@mmaner stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooop screw you both

And yea I saw, I just need the hangers lol

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I could part with just the hanger…lol I’ll throw in the baseplate for free :yum:

Lol how many truck(s) do you have? Ill see you tomorrow I feel like youre taking like 70% of my money :joy:

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Just the 1 to spare, got a set a while ago, only using rear

70? Damn I’m slacking

I guess Ill make my board look like a rocket lol

That reminds me of this T-shirt that comes with a free mountain bike frame http://ridegg.com/megatrail-shirt

LOL,this is for a new high speed board I’m building on a @longhairedboy Phat Matson deck, it will be epic :slight_smile: .


One with green with a duck tail?