WTB: Trucks, 6374 Motor Mounts, 6374 Motors

Don’t care how pretty they are! Just need parts. ty!


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Yo what you want

Sorry for not being more specific.

LOokig for:

  • 1 set of rear trucks (218mm… big enough to fit two 6374 motors)

  • 2 motors - 6374

  • 2 motor pulleys (any tooth count ok)

  • Motor mounts to fit 6374 on the trucks

Any brand. I don’t really have a preference.

Thanks, Doug

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How’s your wheels coming along?

Really good. Need these parts to keep testing though. Do you have these parts? Thanks

Negative shipmate. No motors anyway. Have hangers and mounts.

Hangers. Is that the trucks?

The mounts - are they compatible with 6374?

Thanks for the quick response. How muhc?

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Yes and yes. Both are torque boards. I literally just bought them on the forum used for 120+shipping

Great. Can you share some pictures?

I am interested.

Are these the trucks?

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Is this still available? Im in Australia building a e Board for school project and it seems these will fit turnigy motors i have.

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This was a want to buy add. So technically no they are not available. Kind of.

welp, uhm do you still have them then? or are you waiting for this guy to confirm. Im confused, do you wanna sell?

The ad is wtb. He wanted them. I sold them to him.

I got some 240mm tkps

What do you want for them there hexl?

$100 shipped.