[WTB] [UK/EU] 1 x New FocBox

As the title says I am looking for 1 new FocBox in the UK preferred but Europe works too.

Do you have any intress in buying one from eneretion now when focboxes are on sale? I could probably join in on 1 box and split the shipping/tax to uk… I’m waiting on you to restock on a few things in your store so would save a buck on combined shipment to me.

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I don’t really want to buy directly from Enertion as hell knows when I am going to receive it, as I need it now as my board is not working and I am tired of public transport.

P.S. I am living in UK, the shop is located in Lithuania :slight_smile: So even if you order I will not be able to combine the shipping for you :slight_smile:


Yeah I can understand that :smile:

Ouh didn’t know that :smiley:

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I might have one tucked in a corner. (Sat there since the Black Friday deal when I waited so long I had no idea why I wanted all this stuff) I’m away from home at the moment. I can check tomorrow night. If I’ve got it I’ll send it out and you can send me something nice in aluminium?

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Thanks, I asked @DavidBanner but he said he is out of stock… Damn I wanted to get one today so I could be back on board this weekend oh well… If anyone in London has one I would come pick it up today :smiley:

Just bought from the guy who received his focbox from blackfriday deal back in October couple of weeks ago in Germany… :smiley: So yeah Black Friday is still not fully delivered I guess :smiley: