WTB [US]: Whose got a pintail?

Does anyone have a pintail deck there willing to give up? My friend is looking for one to convert, so if it has an enclosure that’s preferable. Located east coast US

I’m east coast with a bamboo clear glass frit Landyachtz pintail. No enclosure. I’ll send pics when I get home.


Thanks, looking forward to it

Ive got a Sector9. Same as venom121212, get you pictures when i get home

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Never ridden, solid frit. Wheel cutouts too. 20190220_213031 20190220_213019


I’ve have a pintail deck with wheel wells that I do custom artwork on. It’s 42” long and 10” wide. I could even deliver it the next time I come down to DE.

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How often do you swing by this part of the country?

Yo that thing is nice, why didn’t you ride it?

I have a hummie deck that’s being finished next week and an mtb I finally finished this week. Just didn’t have time to make a project out of it. I really love the look and frit.

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Well I’m in central Jersey and I have all my family and friends down there in the Smyrna area. I usually come down every other month or so. How much is your friend looking to spend. As with the custom artwork the deck would be around $150.

Damn, that’s not bad…got any photos?

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image If you want to see the boards I have done check out Boney Boards on Instagram

43 3/4" x 9 3/4" 0220192148_Film1 0220192147_Film1

Welcome to the club!




Are those AT wheels on a board w/o griptape?

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Guy likes to party haha

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Grip will come later, spartan way.

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