[WTB] Used or broken boards & working parts (EU)


I am interested in purchasing used or broken boards, or any functional parts. I have moved for work to Espoo, Finland and greatly regret not taking my board with me. Will be trying to hack together a new one. Here are the list of parts I am looking for, I will update it as I purchase or build them:

  • Deck (btwn 66 and 101cm)
  • Motors (at least 750W each, rated for 10-12S)
  • Trucks (ideally with motor mounts, or with straight axle trucks for which I can easily machine my own mounts)
  • Pulleys and belts
  • Wheels (ideally 120mm+ pneumatic)
  • Battery (10-12S, 2-4P, ideally with BMS)
  • VESC
  • Remote


Mine are much stronger. Around 3500w each and they’re battle hardened with a 15t pulley. Used, but still very functional.

I also have 6374 sensorless motors but with a 16t pulley. These are probably 1500w.

Located in NYC tho.