WTB used torque boards motormount

anyone have one i’m willing to buy




Why only TB ? If it’s just for TB 218, caliber mount will do, Dickho’s mount is good and cheap (on ebay)

@boardnamics mounts are cheaper and stronger.

2 of them is still cheaper than 1 tb mount



I will say tb have way more adjustment and are much cleaner.

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Boardnamics has 4 pivoting holes allowing for more rotation than the 6 holes in a tb mount. The arm is also thicker aluminum

Yeah I’ve owned both. The boardnamics ones also solely rely on an idler for belt tension rather than leaving motor adjustment

Buy the ones with sliding holes then…

I get you like them better, i don’t. I’ve owned both. Yes boardnamics are great for a budget. But the tb ones are bettery in my opinion and experience.



This guy might still have his for sale

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Yeah I’ve got mine for sale

I have a set for sale, check here:


reason why i want torque board, is because i want the mounts to match

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Oh you only want one? I have 2

Am I alone in thinking Dickyho’s newer thicker mounts are better than TB? Dual idler, cross bars, thiccc and it has traditional tensioning.

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How much for 1


Found a single mount for sale on esk8news

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I don’t want to sell just 1. It’s a set and will make it harder to sell the remaining one later.

So does anyone have a regular mount