WTB Used VESC 4.12 or FOCBOX in USA

I am making an electric ripstik and I need a speed controller. I’m trying to make this build relatively cheap so I’ll take any condition of VESC provided it’s fully working. Shipping address is Minneapolis, MN 55414.

www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/enertion-focbox-new-115/82867. Fair price, i just bought two from this guy. Try searching too.

For sure just search the marketplace. A few peeps are sellkng their focboxes for unity’s right now… i can think of three different posts posted in the past 2 days

I have a hardware 1.6 focbox that I’d part with for trade if you’re interested. Your website has two types of enclosures. Both of which I could find use for. If you want to work something out shoot me a pm.