WTB: VESC --working condition-- new or used. Delivered b4 this weekend

Tired of waiting. I want to ride this thing.

Who has a VESC they’ll sell me and ship to arrive before this weekend?


I can sell you mine for $250. Tried and tested. Ask around, I ship fast.

you’re funny.

where are you located?

I already sold those two. I’m currently using this particular vesc on an on-road board; therefore the price is higher. Maybe another user can offer it at a lower price.

$250 is more than a bit ridiculous. I know “what the market will bear” but geez… Also known as gouging.

@t1m0007 - i might have a spare i’d part with. It’ll be an older 4.7/4.8 but works fine. And not more than i paid for it… I’ll check when i get home if you don’t have one already. Shoot me a PM and can see if it lines up.

And if it doesn’t - i like having a spare or two anyway so no rush on my part.

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thanks dude- will PM

I like the idea of having a sacrificial vesc. Do you have more?

Sorry man, but the other spare is $250.

JK - i’m set for now, and maybe after v6 comes out i’ll part with my backups. Sounds like you had a few extra and liquidated them for extra $. I’d rather part with them to someone who wants to ride vs make a profit. No offense intended, but just different focus. Business and make money vs spread the stoke. I’m not giving them away or anything…


When does 6 come out?

No ETA - likely 3+ months.


v5 = v6. Not sure why the change but consider them the same.

hey brother,

This is in stock right NOW! in Texas! Due to the time difference the US Enertion Factory won’t get your order until the next day & may take a day to process the order.


get this @t1m0007! Latest version and pay to expedite ship should get it to you soonest!

I’ve had one on order since July 17. Yet to receive. Emailed support today.

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Are these the ones that will be in stock in Belgium to fulfil existing eu orders?

In all seriousness, the delay on my Enertion vesc is the reason this thread exists.

@onloop I’m willing to give macrofab the benefit of the doubt, maybe they didn’t pack my order correctly, but I’ve been waiting on a spacecell and vesc after receiving all mechanical parts from you in late July. I got the spacecell yesterday. No vesc was included. I had figured the vesc delay was an effort to bundle with the SCP to reduce shipping costs. Now I’m extra confused with your advertisement for 2 day processing stated above. Halp. Tired of pushing. @carl.1 #4885

i have one in high performance red heat shrink for three easy payments of $999.99. Act now!


no need to pm @longhairedboy , I already got it boys. You gotta be quick to catch those deals

does the the heat shrink have flames on it? or is that extra?