WTB: wheel sprocket for flywheel

Hi guys ! So I was wondering if anyone was selling a sprocket that could fit a flywheel core. So far I keep on seeing this kit: https://www.banggood.com/Sprocket-Chain-Wheel-For-8044-Electric-Longboard-Skateboard-Parts-DIY-Motor-p-1170459.html but the ratio is odd and I’m not quite conviced of the quality of the kit. Anyway, let me know if you have some for sale or if you know how to make a custom one. Thanks !

Where are you from?

Montreal, Canada

oops, I should have been clearer, actually I’m looking for a sprocket (if it’s the right word), to have a chain drive instead of a belt drive

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Did you find a good one ??

Sadly no, I got no answers related to this, so I ended up going back to a belt setup

Belts are better in many ways though. With a dual drive setup they don’t even snap often.