WTB Willing to blow for Raptor 2 front truck

I’m in need of a raptor 2 front truck. Enertion support won’t invoice me one. So if you got one I’ll buy it. I really only need the hangar as I have the base plate already (axle snapped). Worst case I’ll rock out with a front e-caliber if nobody has one. I’m located in the US.


Did you contact @CarlCollins yet?

Bought motors/wheels 3rd hand, guy bought from someone else before me. No warranty.

That wasn’t my question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@CarlCollins tends to be helpful, if you haven’t contacted him yet, you should because I’m pretty sure he can help you out, even if you didn’t buy directly from them.

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Ah I see, my apologies I’m pretty baked. I’ll see if responds here.


Dont ruin our chances to get a blow :frowning:

But yeah Carl is often helpful.


Yeah it’s the sellers choice honestly. I’d like to think I’m not gonna be good at it and I’m gonna cry the entire time, But I mean if that’s what they’re into… Also I can pay instead if they’d rather choose that option.

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@ThermalChild I am able to get a front truck assembly for you with the invoice All you need to do is provide me with the following information (PM me) Your board’s Serial number: Your current address:

But the best way to do it is under warranty You can ask the original owner to contact Enertion support for warranty and ownership transfer then we can handle it under warranty, what do you think?


All yours dude!

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Is no one going to ask how the axel broke? :thinking:

Unless it was discussed already…?


@Sn4Pz I think I’m going to get this information via PM after getting his response

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Would you be comfortable sharing it? :slight_smile:

I know it sounds silly but it might help someone notice their trucks are failing before they actually do - e.g. Diyeboard trucks and the stress fractures and lines that would sometimes appear before the truck failed, and I believe that someone on Reddit was able to notice their trucks were defective and fixed the issue before it became a problem :+1:

Only if customer is comfortable to public it :slight_smile:

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Sounds like he only has the drive train on a diy not an actual Raptor 2 but I may be wrong.

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Questionable title


I have a front R2 truck I can sell you if you don’t end up getting support to help FYI. LMK @ThermalChild

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The axle broke because I did something stupid. I’m gonna follow up with Jansen. Thanks all.


WTB just took on a whole new meaning… Thanks TC


I believe Enertion prefers handys

How would you know? :thinking: