WTB Wired BT HM-10 module

I’m looking for a plug and play bt module for under $20. If anyone has anything please post.

Which App do you want to use it for ? Some App are open to all BT modules and some aren’t.

“VESC Monitor” is open to all BT “.metr” is only working with BT modules sold by the creator of the App But I don’t know if a BT module sold for .metr will work with “VESC Monitor”

Those are just two examples of App I know, make your own research to choose an App then decide which BT module you need.

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Where are you located? I am in the Netherlands.

US. I’m looking to use @emmaanuel iOS app

Pm me for a shipping discount if it’s the only item you are ordering

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Anyone else??

I have a couple. WAnna trade

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For what? Don’t have much. I would buy it off u depending on the price

How much would u sell it for?

Build kit boards lowered it to 9.99 which is less than I paid so go with that and run

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it says 19.99 on his website

got it sick deal ordering now

Which app is recommended to use with your adapter?

Either the Ackmaniac app on Android or the Emmanuel app on ios

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http://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/995016847251VESCHCconnection.jpg is this the right wiring for emmanuel app? I have tyhe hm-10

EDIT: sorry I had the wrong link. @JLabs

What??? That is a BMS not a Bluetooth module, and I don’t see any wiring diagrams.

Maybe I just don’t understand, but can you explain more?

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Any word when BT HM-10 module will be on sale again?