To be blunt, I fall too much. I need a full face helmet, and like how the TSG Pass looks. I cant afford a full price ($200) TSG Pass. Im gonna get paid for a weekend job soon, so ill have some cash on hand, and i have some esk8 parts lying around.

If any of you have a TSG Pass you would be willing to sell/trade for money or parts, let me know. Thanks

Any color works, size medium, used or new, doesnt matter.

If they are low speed falls (under 60) and you dont need a visor to keep your sight clear from windforce there are super cheap options of full faces. May not loock as sleek but who gives a crap, you save money have protection NOW.

Let me know if you are dead set on the pass or flexible

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I think your definition of low speed and my definition of low speed are completely different! for Esk8 I would say under 15Mph is a low speed fall, anything else has the potential to mess you up

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Do you have some links? :slight_smile:

Sure, basically certified downhill bike helmets. Few examples.


is it possible to remove the visors on those?

I’d go further: Can these be modified to be like a TSG Pass?

Sure but i think it would be more expensive than buying a TSG pass

Well if you’re creative enough and can build or print some stuff, you can definitely upgrade it. That’s what I’m planning to do !

Edit : I mean, you can model and print adapted mounts for a TSG style visor and bolt it in place of the off-road one. If you got patience you can even make it a slide-up one.

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