Wtb xt60 splitter

Looking to buy an xt60 splitter for a dual setup with focbox’s. USA only please. Let me know if anyone can sell one to me!

Try hobby-king, they have those. They’re easy enough to solder on your own though if you prefer that.

Mind sending a link? Thanks

Only found it in the global one, sorry.

Thats going to take a while to get here. Do you know any way i can make it happen by getting the connectors separetly? I have a x90 splitter…

Can you solder? If so you can make one in 10 minutes. I made one for xt90 last night. I can post pics later if you want to make one.

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I got a solderer. If I see some pics I am sure I can pull it off.

@flywithgriff Let me know when you put the pics up. Something like this should work right? https://www.amazon.com/Finware-Female-Bullet-Connectors-Battery/dp/B01ETROGP4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1501685567&sr=8-4&keywords=xt60

This is the easiest way (for me, at least) to make a parallel adapter for xt60 and xt90 connectors. No wires! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vLqajvCgdI

Agree with the no-wires Parallel or Series connectors. This is also how i do mine.

A tip i’ve found helpful is to put a dab of hot glue inbetween the two xt60/90’s to hold them in place (yes it can get a bit gooey later when hot - but still holds in place, and more secure later when shrink wrapped too).

Here’s one of mine - “XT” (extra tough w/ copper) XT90 Series in process:

And a 90* Parallel (also w/ copper between not just solder):

(tough to heatshrink so hot glue instead to insulate)

Seriously - a good soldering station and practice are one of the best things you can get and do. Ability to make exactly the length of cables and adapters like this make your install sooo much cleaner and nicer vs store-bought spaghetti mess of wires stuffed into an enclosure.



I guess there are several methods and configurations. This is how I make my parallel connectors.

That’s how I usually do mine too - I was just trying a 90* connector for fun. Still recommend a dab of hot glue between them and it’s a lot more stable - they like to move around even after soldering sometimes - it helps. Then heatshrink it. I also like to use a bit of braided copper 12awg or solid copper if I have it across the posts to help with current flow (less heat at higher current).

Good reminder @flywithgriff from your pic. Another tip - plug in your other side of the plug as you solder them together - keeps the heat wicked away and less melted connector - keeps everything lining up correctly later.

Didn’t think about hot glue as a stabilizer. I’ll definitely try that.