Wtf happend?!?! Balance leads fried while riding?

So the other week i was riding through the city and rode up a moderate incline, I felt i was pushing my 6s set up a little bit but it sounded happy, then near to the top my board just cut out and flew me off, I then saw some smoke coming out of the battery department and quickly unscrewed the enclosure and found the balance leads were smocking on my batteries? The positive lead on the positive side of the battery in the series config and the same story with the negative side the negative lead was fried but all the others were fine? as well the positive 12 awg wire unsoldered its self from the main out put connector? I would love come advice on this, really appreciate it

Your balance leads should no be in use while you are riding, it makes no sense. What are those balance leads connected to? A BMS? Maybe your discharge lead broke its solder and touched the balance lead and shorted?

I dont use a bms My balance leads were plugged into a VGA charging port for easy charging.

Unless your powering voltage meters for every cell like I do.

You likely pinched a cable (which would leave it open to short with a balance lead) or some wire was smehow exposed, which make contact with a balance lead. Also, if a piece of wire or metal were to be inside your enclosure, it could short 2 leads with each other.

I recommend always putting a few dabs of hot glue to hold wires in place so that shorts like this are physically impossible. Maybe make ports for the outside of your enclosure so that everything inside can be hot glued into place.\

Personally, I prefer to solder and heatshrink everything. You won’t have issues with spotty connections (which can happen with ports) and you can isolate all wires so that something like this is impossible. But It’s hard with lipos to do that (since you need to balance charge with them, since you don’t normally run bms’s with lipos). At least make sure you don’t have exposed leads in your enclosure.

ok thanks for the feed back i think that may have been the issue but it happend when i was going up a hill and i did pushit a little :confused: its hard to know