WTF is this? Unknown build

I was just gifted this by a customer of mine, he has no info on it. Is this a production board or complete custom? I haven’t even cracked it open yet. Yes those are pivoting trucks.


This looks like the BMW carver…

You wanna sell those wheels?

Hehe no idea till I ride them :grin: That thing weighs like 50lbs min

Just checked pics of the BMW Carver it’s not it but close

Same trucks and wheels but I think the deck’s different

Not a clue but coooool

This is definitely getting upgraded, I’m shocked it could move this thing at all.


@trampa Do you have a deck that could replace this one?

Looks as if it needs steering angle. Maybe a Trampa 35 Short.


Hmm looks possible, gonna need to find somebody local with one for a mock fitting

It looks like it doesn’t need steering angle. Just had a closer look… So any LB Deck should do the job.

So weird. I just saw one of those on eBay the other day and was perplexed. Who would ever make something like this? It’ll be interesting to see what you can do with it, and how those trucks ride.


It’s basically this but with a different deck… And powered…

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LMAO just cracked it open…lead acid batteries


I’m very likely getting rid of the deck, it’s definitely a bone breaker and weighs a ton I think these trucks would be nice on a longer deck without sacrificing turning radius

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I’m definitely going to follow this thread. The truck are unique in there odd design. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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Pantera streetcarver: It’s a copy of the BMW one, I’m waiting on a pair of those trucks, they’ve been stuck in customs for over a month now.


Hey, is there anything new going on with this build? Since I have a pair of the same trucks this seems like a good place to ask: how are you mounting them to your deck? I have a "29 jet Spud I really want to try out with these, but I don’t really want to drill three giant holes in each end of the deck to mount them, though I bought some M8 threaded inserts just in case. My current idea is to print a matching fitted plate which I can bolt onto the truck and then mount the whole thing to the deck using the regular mounting holes. My worry is what kind of forces will be put on the deck and the mounting plate when steering. What do you think?

Unfortunately I doubt anything is going to come out of this, max is a busy man and no longer posts on the forums