WTF...My voltage is not disconnecting!

Essentially, the only other thing is I can still make a BT connection. Just figures that one out.

Is it one of the packs I sent you?

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No, it’s a pack I had made specifically for a sound 39 and ended up using in the Evo and I supplied the BMS. Its not an issue with construction, it’s either a bad BMS or bad switch if I was home id find out, but alas it cannot be so :grinning:.

Hi, I bought an anti spark switch on ebay, I had the non - latching button and put another button on the NC wire and it worked perfectly fine. So I set up the board and went for a ride and 800 meters in power started to cit out, then it came back and I continued to ride, but on my way home (2nd km) power completely cut off and something started to smell. When I rushed home and opened the enclosure I saw that the mosfets had melted a hole in shrink wrap… I don’t know what should I do now. If I had done something wrong or if I should cool it somehow…15566504592414279644416883785934 15566504847895978260481251717062 I had the wires soldered correctly but it just melted…

The button i got (model 6)

Dsnt rly specify but if its the original schematic, you need a latching switch. Else youll pull current thru semi open FETs resulting in what probably happened to you. Replace the FETs get a latching button.

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