WTS: 10s4p LG 18650HE2 battery pack [EU]

So, last September I bought this: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/selling-new-10s4p-battery/60410 battery from @OskarCastrone since then it hasn’t been used extensively (only about 20 to 30 cycles) since then. The battery is in my opinion pretty unsafe so I would prefer to sell it to someone who knows what he is doing.
It needs some “service” to make it safer but theoretically, it’s working perfectly. :slight_smile:
Asking around 120€ +shipping since I need the money for a new battery pack. :smile:
Pics: 20190524_152521 20190524_152525 20190524_152531 20190524_152534 20190524_152539 20190524_152544 I can also include a 2A charger. :slight_smile:
I would prefer to sell it within the EU because of shipping restrictions.
Just pm me if you are interested.
Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


how do you mean not safe?

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Thays not what was said. It was said “to make it safer”.

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yeah I meant more like what can be done to make it safer. It looks pretty good to me

Well, there’s a lack of fishpaper between the p-groups. The balance wires are improperly placed and insulated and the bms is in an unsafe place in my opinion. :slight_smile:
Those issues are relatively easy to resolve but I honestly don’t feel comfortable doing it on my own. :slight_smile:

In a sense that it isn’t up to the latest “forum guidelines” but it’s not like it’s about to explode…

My battery looks way way worse. Like way worse. :joy::joy:

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Those weld spots look a bit weak tbh, but hard to tell. Not gonna lie, I’m PRETTY hecking interested in buying this as a temporary battery for my next build. Not gonna go for it until I really need it though.

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what range did you get out of it? Voltage sag?

Depends on your configuration but I got around 20 to 30km with it but you can easily use one of the calculators that are on here. :slight_smile:

A bit yes.