WTS: 12S BMS / Enclosure / Deck [EU/GER]


1 x ABS Enclosure 500 X 145 X 25-30 40€ 1 x Kydex Enclosure 385 X 145 X 35 30€ 1 x 9060 DoubleKick Deck 55€ 1 x 12S BMS 5A charging current (BesTech)

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please add pictures.

Prices? 10 characters

Is this the deck your looking for

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sadly not, this is the evo deck:


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Hi @Acidfie ! Maybe giving us the enclosure’s measurements would help you to sell it.

Inner dimensions are: 385-145-35 inside, fitting a 10S3P and BMS easily.

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push/changes werde made

vesc still available

Hey @Acidfie I want your battery, enclosure and bms. Would this be ok on a flexy deck? And how much would you charge for postage to the UK? Thanks

Can we get a closeup of the VESCs please? two pics one for each pcb, just the pcb as clear as possible

4.12 hardware I think I see, presume they turn on and only give the drv error when trying to spin the motor?

yeah, i can take macro pic when i am at home.

they worked both without problems, although i fried the DRV while connecting the can bus. (GND Loop).

Hardware is 4.12.

I’m interested in the BMS. Do you have some specs or more details and manufacturer? Thanks!

I loaded up the pics again, they are big enough really, so don’t bother

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May i ask how you fried them so i dont do the same thing?


10 char

Typical CAN-BUS ground loop, because i just used all 4 pins for connecting



Do you have some more details on the 10s3p battery? What dimensions is it? How many cycles has it been through and does it come with a charger?