(WTS) 2 x Propdrive 5065 270kv (UK)

Hey! I hava a couple of 5065 270kv propdrive motors sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

They are both brand new, come boxed (all be it in the wrong boxes) and complete with all ancillary bits and pieces that are mostly irrelevant to our use.


They are also (tastefully?) wrapped in Supreme stickers, and then shrink wrapped for more power :star_struck:

I’d like £40 for the pair? And Im in the UK, so if you are also I’ll ship them to you for free, everywhere else I’ll have to get a price.

Friends/family preffered, or you pay the fees, i dont mind either way


you put supreme stickers on a motor. you will literally have to pay someone to take them off you. good luck.


I’ll knock a fiver off and remove the stickers for you

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This isnt true the Supreme logo actually decreases the power by up to 50%


But they are red, surely you mean + 50% :rofl::joy:

EXACTLY! :roll_eyes:

I would have snapped these up if they were a lower kv.

I also would have left the stickers on and rolled around on them in tear drop aviators and a string vest. Crushing womens dreams.

(Just so we’re clear, that was not a dig at feminists)


Yes! (But also NO! God damn it! Youve just described me, and my exact thoughts on these, hence them being up for sale)

Also, Irony is most definitely an art and is SO lost on some people…

Or should i say iony :smirk:

Bump & Price drop (because some people seem to be deeply offended by an ironically placed sticker)

Ive already knocked £5 off (and offered to remove the stickers) call it £30 plus shipping and they are yours!

Also… these are currently over £40 each at Hobby King so are an absolute bargain (£30 for 2!) and they are in perfect condition, never used or even screwed to a bracket - once destickered they are perfect and without a scratch to the original cans.


Wtf, how has no one bought them yet, if I was in Europe, I would buy them immediately

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Where are you? You might be supprised by how cheap shipping is?

I’m all the way in California, US

Shipping would be an addition £16 (a little more than i thought actually)

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I still have these £30 shipped in the uk £40 shipped everywhere else

Damn at a lower kv i’d have took them immediate dude !!