(WTS) 2x Brand new FocBox, and some used parts. [EU/DK]

Brand new FocBoxes just taken out of the box, ordered on 4/10 from Enertion.

Also, have Nano Remote and Bluetooth module that does not work with Metr that I can include for a complete setup both have been used for a day or so.

Comes with a XT90 To 2X XT60 and Canbus for Dual VESC Setup.

Price: 110 Euro Per FocBox or 215 for both with Can and splitter, 28 for Remote and 10 for Bluetooth Module.

Located in Denmark/EU, buyer pays all fees and shipping.


Pictures with the reciever and BT Module.

Also wanna point out i only ship to PayPal confirmed adresses.


Interested in focboxes and bt module. Sent you pm.

Calling second on the focboxes.

Sale put on pause, somehow i have massive logistic issues and i will be leaving my country now for a little while.