WTS 2x Flipsky 4.12 VESC and Dickyho Mounts, Brand New [EU]

I am getting rid of some components I never used as I decided to go for other ones instead, there is no apparent faults with neither the VESC nor the mounts.

Flipsky 4.12 VESC x2 (60 USD Each, 120 USD Total) 20190212_163404 20190212_163409

Condition: New, just tested on the bench. Some cuts in the heatshrink to connect UART and Can-bus connector. Both flashed with lates Ackmaniac firmware and tested on the bench with BKB 6355 motors (motor detection). Bullet connectors soldered to motor phase wires. Can ship with male bullet connectors for no extra charge.

Pair of Dickyho mounts for caliber trucks 25 USD 945109d6764f1444663caf63073e743320eed82b_2_562x750

Condition: New, never used only mounted on caliber trucks once.

Payment: Goods and services at PayPal, buyer pays shipping. PM me and I can get you a shipping quote.

Please note: Buyer who want to buy all parts as one package will be prioritized :smile:


Where are you based?

Interested in the mounts, pm sent!

@Bor.inc Norway

@ZachTetra answered

Feel free to hit me up with any and all questions :slight_smile:

U got a message

I could be interested in all the parts, how much would shipping to Denmark be?

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@MadMaxDK Shipping to any country in Europe is 20 USD :slight_smile:

Is anything left?

all sold locally!