im selling 2 new unused focboxs. i bought them months ago but i never got around to using them because i never received my carvon hub motors. il sell both of them for 350 NZD or 200 NZD each

im located in new zealand but i can sort out international shipping at request15499531396397406490366098334255

for those who need to look it up first… that´s 134$ US for one or 235$ US for both.

@timbo_1233 some pictures would be nice too, even if they new.


I’m in AU, i might be interested but whats the point when i can grab a foxbox unity for 10-20 dollars more? If you could a better price id be interested but kinda seems like there is no point at this price?

You do have a point but sombody might have a need for two individual esc’s

Any way im looking to invest in a unity any way hence why im selling these