[WTS] 2x Focbox v1.7 + Heatsink | 6354 140kv | Belts | Pulleys | Step-down

Currently looking for new challenges and planning to focus on my new Omakase build, so I list the following nice stuff to be enjoyed by any other member of this great community.

Prices listed are not negotiable however if you offer something reasonable we can always discuss about it, not trying to make money with this, obviously.

2x Focbox 1.7 + 3DServisas dual heatsink

  • Description: Focbox are new and never used, rare parts nowadays.
  • Price: 200€

image image image image image image

2x Turnigy 6354 140kv sensored NEW + 1x Turnigy 6354 140kv non-sensored + 1x broken Turnigy 6354 140kv for parts

  • Description : 2 new + 1 used + 1 broken (the can slide-out, not sure what is broken). All with MR60 connectors and braided wires.
  • Price : 125€

4x 330x12mm belts

  • Description: Well used, working fine, never failed.
  • Price: 2€ each / 6€ all

2x LM2596HVS step-down converter

  • Description: New, never used.
  • Price: 3€ each | 5€ both

4x red anodized motor pulleys from Aliexpress

  • Description: New, never used, D type, 15T 8mm.
  • Price: 2€ each | 6€ all

Black anodized motor pulley

  • Description: New, never used, 16T 8mm.
  • Price: 2€

Cuirassier knee + elbow pads for MTB/motocross

  • Description: Brand new, cheap but effective
  • Price: 10€ + 15€ | 20€ both

image image

Parts to be shipped from Madrid (Spain) and shipping costs excluded, to be calculated and added upon purchase.

Payment via Paypal only. If you use “goods” please add 4% of total cost for the transaction, otherwise mark it as “f&f” for no extra cost if you trust me.

Please let me know if you want too see any other pictures or to know more details of any part! :love_you_gesture:

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I hate you whoever you are right now. . Dirty fucker…

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Dafuq man what’s wrong? :rofl:

Coming over here with these nice parts fairly priced 9000 miles away. You missed my birthday the last few years. Since you’re not trying to make any money on them gifting them is fine. Thanks :blush:

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I can ship anywhere :slight_smile:

hahaha not trying to make money nor trying to loose it :wink: fair prices i guess, otherwise open to discussion.

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What’s a couple grand between friends? You wouldn’t be losing anything. You would know where it’s at :joy:. My house. I maybe interested in your focbox’s. I’m a collector of them. Hoarder more than anything.

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Some 6354’s added to the list.

I can offer discounts for parts taken in sets, for example:

  • 3DServisas geardrive + 2x Focbox = 420€ | 500$
  • 2x Focbox + 3+1x motors = 250€ | 300$
  • 3DServisas geardrive + 3+1x motors = 350€ | 420$
  • 3DServisas geardrive + 2x Focbox + 3+1x motors = 500€ | 600$

Geardrive and motors SOLD !

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are the foxbox’s still available? what size are the mtb protectors?