WTS Abec 107mm Wheels

Selling Abec 11 107mm wheels. Complete setup with Abec bearings in front and redz bearing in back. Original belts in excellent condition and includes brand new hyperdrive lifetime warranty belts. Includes aluminum pulleys. It’s off a Boosted Dual +.been ridden 10 miles at most. $450 new, asking $350 OBO. image image image image image image image image

these are really cheap.

if only I could afford a real electric skateboard like the boosted.:rofl:

Sorry for hijacking the thread but I got used 107 rare electric flywheels for 100$

Damn! What are these made out of!? $350 That’s insane!!


Why different bearings?

Bahahahahahaha! GTFO!


I’m glad I’m not the only one not understanding that price tag.


Hes a chancer. Look at his profile. lol

Did you get it from

That explains the price

But still super expensive

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I was also thinking eboard stuff cause its an HDT-3M pulley with ABEC spokes which nobody else makes

This some kind of joke? They aint even gold plated!!!


trust me, boosted fanboys will buy anything.

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Didn’t realize this forum was full of such negativity. Just trying to sell something not having a clue what they are worth. I have DIY boards too. These just happened to be put on a boosted board.

WOW!! A thread full off arrogant people!! Thought be a good place to be and learn new stuff but just a bunch of bashing, thinking you are so much better than everyone else

Boosted :metal:t3::joy::metal:t3:


Yeah, people tend to react like that sometimes, especially when something as “crazy” as your ad shows up.

You say you don’t know what they are worth but you wrote “$450 new”, which does sound a bit unreasonable, for the least. Where did you get that price from?

As someone mentioned, those wheels are usually sold around $120 (give or take) new. Aluminium pulley is around $30 new. Belt ~$5. I hope this gives you an idea of why people over-react to your ad.


That’s all that had to be said. Didn’t need to have all the other garbage said. Not so hard.

Thought this was a forum to help builders not a place to ridicule people


post your builds yo. lets see what you got :slight_smile:


Holy fuck?!

I feel bad for people buying that kit.

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