Wts assorted parts and goods

Please look here’s for full list of parts

Shipping you pay from uk

Here are pictures as the ones on the spreadsheet came out small

Please contact for more details

pullys abec , chatger and motor mounts

Those press fit abec pulleys still available?

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Yep currently

How much for the TB truck, vx1, press fit pulleys and do you have 400mm belts? Or around that size, all shipped to california

I have 6 400mm belts how many do you want

Nd how many pulleys

Pulleys are £15

Truck is £20

Belts are £4

Vx1 is £25

Pm me for more info

is that remote working if so how much im in the uk interested in motor mounts what trucks are they for and whaqt size motor

The motor mounts are for ollin trucks unless modified

The remotes both work but the problems with them are stated in the description

50xx motors