[WTS] (Canada) Lacroix DSS60 (+Extra tires) $2000

Selling my Lacroix DSS60. It was bought end of August Last year, rode about 300km in total (You can see original tires still have threading).

The board is in really good condition, operating perfectly just as it came when new. Minor scratches on carbon fiber and metal parts from normal riding conditions.

I will include 4 extra new tires (with tubes).

I’m 225lbs and I get about 38km of range on a full battery which I only did once as I never ride that far. I’m really happy that I went with DSS60 instead of DSS50+ as I hear others with the Sanyo battery complaining about battery sag. Yesterday I rode 20km from full and the batter went down to 37V.

Asking for $2000USD + Shipping. Would prefer to sell to someone from Toronto.

All pictures are from today: https://imgur.com/a/WI8XRRR



Is this still for sale?

yes it is.

Please email me at [email protected]. I’m interested but I’m in nyc

i am interested i am in the US but u can drop it off in toronto i have friend there

That works out well as I’m in Toronto.

did you sell this yet?

Not sold yet, currently talking to @Halpy.nyc about it tho.

Hi, it still on sale? Thank you

Yes it is.

Hi, I am real keen if this is still available.

Hey! Is this still available I’m in Montreal. If it is PM me please :slight_smile:

Yes it’s available. I got a lot of offers from outside of Canada but shipping and payment gets complicated in that case so I’m holding this out for someone in Canada.


I’m in the GTA area and i’m willing to buy this. Dm me plz

Sold. Thread can be closed

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