WTS completed DIY build

Would like to sell my whole build, I have done about 400km on the board and i can say that it is a quite nice build. Parts used: Vesc- Focbox battery- 10s5p SANYO NCR18650GA 3500mAh motor- SK3 6364 213kv 83mm flywheel clones the mount is from turingy I made the deck myself and ic easy can stand 130kg also the enclosure is DIY made from 1.2mm steel The range is about 50-60km which I think is quite amazing. The only downside is that the motor at lower speeds makes some noise, it might be the bearings fault. Looking for 450$ if somebody is interested we could figure sth out Could sell the parts separately


Gosh i just payed off my board


Where did the battery come from?

The battery looks kinda “puffy” to me.

I made the battery myself and under the shrink wrap there is some foam to protect it

And ofcourse IT is spot welded with double stacked strip, if somebody is interested i can possibly sell the battery and the focbox separately