WTS EU - 2 x Unity brand new (animo check)

Hi guys,

I need to make some battery repairs on my old boards so I’m in need of cells and nickel. I have a couple spare unities laying around where I want to sell two of them. I have 5.5 bullets and wire at hand, I could supply those or solder them on for you, as well as making the XT90S female like it should, so you can solder the XT90S at the battery side. (if it hasn’t got a XT90s already)

I was thinking of 215 euro /pc + ship (generally 16.99 in EU) If you take both I’ll go down to 400 euro + ship

Pictures can follow later, but at the moment it are sealed boxes.

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Hey dude,

been a while, might be able to take those off youu hands.

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Hey ma dude, hope you’re well. Hit me up on discord, we’ll arrange something.

Bump, still available !

I can’t seem to edit original post so, here is a picture:

Also adding a vesc 6 + brand new with rubber cover (looking for 160 euro + ship)

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