(WTS) (EU) AT setups, Evolve trucks, motors, hubs, batteries

The 2 batteries from meepo are they both using the same cells? I was thinking buying both and putting them in parallel. And are all cells still alive? :slight_smile:

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Where are you seeing a HOBBYWING ESC for sale??

nop, they are different cells. in one battery they are samsung, in other they are panasonic. but I had them in parallel almost all the time, and they did work. you can charge them both through charging port of working bms, without disconnecting them.

@PaulRocco hobbywing esc is from ownboard, you can see it in my post in 3d printed enclosure :slight_smile: . but it is sold.

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Hi for everyone looking at this thread I have recently bought a 12s5p battery from @Tinp123 and it is great really impressed with service and quality

Also he built me an enclosure and printed a bunch of parts

All for a really fair price

Definitely worth going to him

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Hi @Tinp123 are you still building batteries? Im looking for a 12s5p. Im in uk looking for someone selling or building them…

Hey @Sick! Sure I am! Let me know what you need in private message