[WTS][EU] Hummie complete

Selling my complete Hummie build. Parts and history:

  • Hummie deck with Big Ben double stack enclosure - no holes in enclosure except for mounting hardware

  • Kahua trucks and motor mounts - more than 1000km on those trucks, some marks are visible. Rear baseplate is Paris 43°.

  • Bergmeisters - V1, more than 1000km on them, green slime inside tubes, no more flats

  • 18T motor pulleys - less than 100km on them

  • 60T 3D printed wheel pulleys - around 600km on them - they still look great

  • 2x Maytech 6880 190kv motors - around 1000km

  • dual ESCape with aluminium enclosure - around 2000km on this bulletproof esc. One esc shows correct voltage, another one ~0.5V lower than real value.

  • 12s6p 30Q with bestech D596 bms - first this was 12s4p and after around 1000km it was upgraded to 6p. Another 500km made with 12s6p. It fully charges, holds its voltage and I am getting range of 37-40km of medium/hard riding.

  • Flipsky VX2 pro - used for around 100km

  • Riptide bushings and pivot cups

  • Trampa BT module

Top speed with this gearing is around 53km/h. Led push on/off button is wired out of baseplate in 3D printed enclosure.

Charging - jst 2 pin connector sticks out of enclosure. With board comes detachable charging port. I find this solution okay, because I didn’t have to drill enclosure. This connector removes some level of water ressistance. Charing up to 4A, because of thin wires, charging port and jst connector. If buyer wants, I can rewire it differently, as per buyers wish.

Some extras with board: spare belts, spare tubes, 2x Haggy 36T push in pulleys for kegels, Kahua original baseplate, new 3D printed spare pulleys, used 16T motor pulleys. I can add 12s 3a charger too, BUT it overcharges to 50.5V and I would not recommend using it. It will affect battery cycle life. I am standing for what I am selling, so if there will be any problem, I will help/sort it out.

Things I think should/could still be upgraded:

  • Aluminium pulleys - 3D printed works just fine, but aluminium are better for sure

  • Different griptape, because this one is boring

  • different charging solution - this one works, but it could be made different, probably more waterproof

I won’t part it out for now.

Price: 1500€, shipping included.

EU only!

I’ll add photos of inside of enclosure soon!


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