[WTS] [EU] Loaded Kut-Thaka Build

Hello Everyone,

I’m moving and need to sell one of my builds.

Deck Loaded Kut thaka Enclosure Eboosted Battery10S4P Sanyo 20700B (17Ah - 612Wh) About 40 charges Dual Focbox Antispark Flipsky and loopkey (can be remove very easily) Dual motor Flipsky 6354 Remote Flipksy VX1 Mount Unik CORE SERIES Unik Pulley 32T Motor pulley 15T Belt 265mm Wheels Caguama bue (77A) Bearings Zealous Truck Caliber 2

This is a very small build but very powerfull, i weight around 110kg and can do 50km. Top speed is around 43 km/h.

I’m asking 900 euros

Visible in Lyon (France) or Madrid (Spain)