[WTS EU] many unused things


As I changed my plans and am now going the stealth route, i have some stuff to sell
Everything is NEW and UNUSED

1x TorqueBoards DirectDrive without Front Trucks (ordered 4WD) inkl TB110 set pics: not yet here

1x Landyachtz Evo 39" IMG_20190406_164949 IMG_20190406_165057

300x Samsung 35E IMG_20190406_171226 IMG_20190406_171311

Winfly Battery Modules 12x 14P 8x 8P Pics: Not yet here

1x Photon remote 110€ IMG_20190406_170206

5x XT90 3x XT90-S IMG_20190406_171915

3m 8AWG power wire IMG_20190406_171706

1x Pelican 1300 Case IMG_20190406_165755 IMG_20190406_165810 IMG_20190406_165836

1x Frontlight IMG_20190406_172142 IMG_20190406_172233 IMG_20190406_172218

Prices: make an offer or ask me



What the hell did you have planned?!? :rofl:


planed to travel with it, but changed my plan now to studying music


How much for unity? First in line if I like the price!

Price for the cells?

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370$ + shipping?

Do you know they sell for 250$ new?


@ninelives in case you’re interested, I’m already in on 3rd batch

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instant replacement warranty included

I’m pretty sure everyone who buys one gets a warranty

already PM’d him

it’s the platinum warranty => you can change connectors without vioding it

Makes sense now, good luck


pay 1023chf + 120 tax for them
but i guess you in EU don’t have to pay the tax
so 1’000?
will ship from germany

I assuming you bought them from ru.nkon.nl ?

exactly 10chgr

so this is right?


lol, i’m stupid, also had a charger in that price
wait a sec, you pay taxes directly on nkon if you’re eu

so it’s 885€ in eu, which translates to 994chf
let’s say 950chf / 855€ shipped?

What do you still have ? Am interested in all the electronics