[WTS EU] many unused things

everything still available

How much would you charge for one Photon remote + Receiver and the Focbox and XT90 + XT90s and the wire (shipping to Austria)

560chf / 500€ shipped
you save all the taxes
shipped from germany

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If you maybe are not able to sell it at that price i would take it at 400€ shipped. Can not afford more right now sorry

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How much for the mbs bindings shipped to west coast US?

isn’t mbs USA? i guess it’s easier for you to just buy them directly

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Hey I’m in switzerland too ! how much for the Evo deck ? no chance of getting that sexy enclosure (I see it’s sold, but is it :wink: )

you’re just a couple minutes too late for the enclosure :frowning:
ask @taz, maybe he resells it to you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

270chf shipped? => it’s longer than 1m so i’ll have to send it as “sperrgut”
also possible to come and pick it up, living near basel

Lol, no way. I was trying to get one of these for a long time.

I will trade it for the 2WD version though.

why for the 2WD? it’s just less space you can use

I just like the looks of 2WD version more.

Both the 2WD and the 4WD can easily fit a 12S8P which is enough for me.

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Price for all the cells?


How much for the landyachtz and one photon (shipped to Austria)? :smile:


Hey, how much for the Focbox Unity shipped to Austria?

@Zentaria sold

@Mich21050 420$ shipped? (from EU)

@pjotr47 850€ shipped? (from EU)

Wie viel für die Bindungen? Versand innerhalb DE

145€ inkl versand?

Die 145€ sind denke mal an mich gerichtet? Sehe keine Verlinkung. Aber muss passen, dachte es waren die F1 bindungen. Danke trotzdem.

die reply funktion funktioniert teilweise nicht korrekt

sind die f5 bindungen. kein problem :slight_smile:

Wieveiel für die Torqueboards DD? Sind die schon nach Deutschland Versand?