WTS [EU] - PRICES LOWERED - 2 APS 6355 190kv motors, Trampa Beast box , iso04b wheel sprockets and chain

Hello, I am selling a few parts that i will not use anymore. I only ship to EU.

2 6355 190kv APS unsensored motors. I would like 70euro for both IMG_20181120_094335 IMG_20181120_094343 IMG_20181120_094433

Trampa Beast Box 50 Euro IMG_20181026_153417 IMG_20181026_153358 IMG_20181026_153405 IMG_20181026_153530 IMG_20181026_153425 IMG_20181026_153503

iso04b 4xwheel sprockets and 1xchain , fits the Trampa Superstar hubs - 35 Euro IMG_20181118_155710 IMG_20181118_155716

chains fitting to superstar or mbs hubs?

Sorry, forgot to mention, they are for superstar hubs.

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Belt drive and battery have been sold.

UPDATE 2 APS 6355 unsensored motors pics added

With or without cat?

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Hopefully with the cat… its just so cute :smile:

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Your cat is lonely. Time for another or secret santa that fe-lion.

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I have to learn him to skate like this little guy here :slight_smile:


I hate internet cat videos. But that was awesome lol

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Prices lowered…