(WTS) (EU) sk3 + trucks + mount + pulleys&belt

Hi dear esk8 friends, I want to sell my sk3 6374 motor + my 2 paris trucks, motor pulley and abec 11 aluminium pulley,265 belt and a great ADS motor mount. This is a 9mm belt and it has done his job for a lot of km’s. I think i travelled about 200km with this motor and it spins like a charm, never had any problems with it. I spray painted the sk3 motor, i think it looks great! But id really like to buy a dual 6374 now :wink:

i also have got a vesc 4.12, if someone is interested its optionally possible to buy it for 50$, then i can just buy a 2in1 for my new build.

**the price i payed for these parts was around 260 euro’s. ** I think 120 euro is a fair price :wink:

Here are some pictures! The 97mm abec wheels are not included :wink: