[WTS EU] TB110 wheels, brand new

I couldn’t resist the free shipping offer and purchased 3 sets of TB110 wheels when I only really needed 1. :sweat_smile: I think I have to let at least one go. VAT and customs have been paid for. Asking 135 EUR + shipping. This should still be slightly cheaper than if you order from TB directly ($110 + $40 shipping) unless you can somehow avoid VAT/customs. Plus, you don’t need to deal with the customs paperwork. These are brand new.

Edit: After some linguistic research, neither “unpacked”, nor “unwrapped” seem to be the right words for saying that the packaging hasn’t been opened. They actually seem to mean the opposite, which kinda makes sense. Therefore I’m forced to edit my post for the third time and explain in a lengthy way that the packaging is completely untouched, essentially virgin. :smile:



How much for the nanner


Bollocks, i would have had these yesterday, now i gotta wait till the next batch, typical!

It comes with the wheels. Not going to part out.


What if you get a good offer for just the nanner?

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I could probably be convinced to trade it for an apple and a Hummie deck.


I have 2 goats to trade


Do you still have a set of these? I might have a plan for some… Wanna trade?

I still have them. I’ll PM you.

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Traded for a Tayto + enclosure with Ben, so it looks like I’ll have to start another build and will need to keep the other spare TB110 set. :smiley: @mmaner please close.